Tigers, Horses, and Weird Danish Rock Songs

When you only have a week to write a whole scenario, you often have to stick with the first thing that comes to mind. After a couple of weekends of role-playing this way, there was also many of us. The pandemic made digital hobbies a good way to do social things from the quarantined safetyContinue reading “Tigers, Horses, and Weird Danish Rock Songs”

Cyberpunk + Heist = Grand Slam

In 2020, with the COVID pandemic in full swing, our regular role-playing group took to Roll20. Before then we used to meet once every week to play around a physical table. Something that sounds strangely exotic when you say it out loud today. Initially, no one knew how long the pandemic would last. There wereContinue reading “Cyberpunk + Heist = Grand Slam”

Player vs. Player in TTRPGs

In other kinds of games, PvP often means pure competition. Kill, invade, outbid, defeat. The opposition is defeated and you win, or you didn’t perform at your best today and you lose. It’s straightforward either way. But in the land of pens, papers, dungeons, and dragons, it’s not straightforward at all. Competing player against playerContinue reading “Player vs. Player in TTRPGs”