Tigers, Horses, and Weird Danish Rock Songs

When you only have a week to write a whole scenario, you often have to stick with the first thing that comes to mind. After a couple of weekends of role-playing this way, there was also many of us. The pandemic made digital hobbies a good way to do social things from the quarantined safety of our homes.

Seven players wanted to play, and the idea was to put them into two distinct groups of characters. Other things that coincided to create the splatstick survival horror scenario The Mustang Sallys was a purchase of the old Swedish OOP Splatter role-playing game. But most of all, it was the random discovery of a weird Danish rock song.

The name and lyrics of the song are NSFW, but let’s just say that I laughed out loud when I heard some of it. Combining it with some of the colorful characters of The Tiger King on Netflix, the story of the scenario basically wrote itself.

You can die from acne, you can die from scabies
You can die tomorrow, you can die tonight
You can die of cholera and you can die of plague
But you can also die of Horse

Quote from the rock song, Google translated from Danish

Credit for the cover image goes to the fantastic Joakim Hellstedt.

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