Cyberpunk + Heist = Grand Slam

In 2020, with the COVID pandemic in full swing, our regular role-playing group took to Roll20. Before then we used to meet once every week to play around a physical table. Something that sounds strangely exotic when you say it out loud today.

Initially, no one knew how long the pandemic would last. There were of course suspicions (that turned out right), but the idea for these online sessions became to play single-evening sessions and have a bit of fun with whatever we could come up with. We’d then resume our previous campaign once the pandemic was over.

The first of these improvised sessions was based on a poll on the gaming group’s Facebook page.

What do you want to play?

Two things came out of that poll. Cyberpunk and Heist. These were the two things that scored highest out of whatever alternatives that were provided and they became the only real foundation for what would be written.

The following week, Grand Slam saw the light of day. Five prewritten characters and a story that hinges on a gold heist. Some custom rules for hacking were added, custom-made mostly to fit the Roll20 chat we used, and we set off.

It would be three game sessions before we had finished the scenario. It ended with a bang – total party wipe. But we still talk about it fondly, having had a ton of fun.

This scenario is now available at pay what you want pricing, from, if you feel like stealing some gold from organized crime.

Hopefully, someone out there can have as much fun with this as we had!

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