A Love Letter to Cyberpunk 2077

In July 2010, the Nolan film Inception premiered. It has since been said that the film was “A multilayered, self-reflexive action film that fires on all cylinders, manipulating time through meticulous editing to deliver a hard-hitting cinematic experience.”(1) Others felt, “[T]he real cause of wonder […] is why Nolan should have embraced technocratic complexity inContinue reading “A Love Letter to Cyberpunk 2077”

Future Game Story

For years, I’ve told friends and colleagues that I think game stories suck. A perspective that most can relate to, but only as an intellectual topic far from practical reality. People nod their heads, then happily play and continue making story-driven games anyway. I believe that there’s room for a discussion about game story, whatContinue reading “Future Game Story”